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The Latest Trends in Wedding Catering

Wedding catering is about more than just feeding your guests; it’s also an opportunity to showcase your personal style and create a memorable experience. Here are some of the latest trends in wedding catering:
  • Sustainable and Local: More couples are opting for sustainable and locally-sourced menus. Companies like Farm to Table Catering specialize in creating delicious meals from local, seasonal ingredients.

  • Interactive Food Stations: Interactive food stations, where guests can customize their dishes, are becoming increasingly popular. From a build-your-own taco station to a DIY dessert bar, the options are endless.

  • Cultural Fusion: Celebrate your heritage with a menu that combines flavors and dishes from different cultures. Caterers like Purple Onion Catering can help you design a fusion menu.

  • Plant-Based Menus: With more people adopting vegetarian and vegan diets, plant-based wedding menus are on the rise. Check out The Vegetarian Gourmet for inspiration.

  • Late-Night Snacks: After hours of dancing, your guests will appreciate a late-night snack. Think sliders, pizza, or even a donut wall!

  • Signature Cocktails: Couples are getting creative with their drink options, offering signature cocktails named after themselves, their pets, or their favorite places. Websites like can provide inspiration for your own signature drink.

Remember, the most important thing about your wedding menu is that it reflects you as a couple. Happy planning!


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